Camera, Lenses, filters.

1. Nikon D850 for both Landscape and Wildlife work. When photographing wildlife I attach the extra battery grip , which increases my frame rate to 9 frames per second. This is very useful for fast moving subjects, and also means i don’t need to keep changing batteries, even when shooting many hundreds of full frame images per shoot. :)

For wildlife, my main lens is:

Nikon 500mm f4 G …..Simply brilliant, though expensive and heavy. I often attach a 1.4x Tele converter, especially when photographing smaller birds etc. There is a new version of the 500mm which if far lighter, but at the moment, this one does the job very well.

For landscape work I currently use:

1. Nikon 16-35 f4

2.Sigma 24-105 f4

3. Nikon 70-200 f4

4. Nisi Filter holder with Formatt Hitech 100mm Filters


For wildlife, i generally shoot birds hand held, or when needed, use a heavier duty tripod and gimble head.

1. Induro GIT203 Grand Series Stealth Carbon Fiber Tripod - 3 Sections

2. LensMaster Gimbal RH-2 (Great quality for reasonable cost)

For landescape work I currently use:

1. Leofoto LS-324C Trip Professional Carbon Fiber Tripod (Incredible value and quality)

2. LH-40PCL Ballhead. (Fantastic quality and value)



1.Apple imac 27” with Second monitor “BenQ SW2700PT”

2.Wacom Intuos tablet and pen

3.Epsom P800 Printer


1.Adobe Lightroom

2.Adobe Photoshop

3. Nik and Topaz plug-ins